Gong Gong Suit Dress


Gong Gong Suit Dress

- Single-Breasted & Notched Lapels Style

- Open-Back Halter Style with Fabric Trimmed Armholes

- Elastic Gathering Details on Back Waist

- Tack on 3D S-Whirling Hem with Vintage Necktie Linkages

Genuine Leather Ruffle Trim Inserts on Front Pocket

- 50% Wool, 50% Polyester

- 100% Handcrafted


Measurement (Olive):

Bust: 74cm

Waist: 82cm

Bottom: 137cm

Length: 81cm

Neck: 10.5cm

Hip: 93cm


Measurement (Grey):

Bust: 72cm

Waist: 85cm

Bottom: 124cm

Length: 91cm

Neck: 9cm

Hip: 96cm


Measurement (Dusty Green):

Bust: 72cm

Waist: 81cm

Bottom: 126cm

Length: 90cm

Neck: 8.5cm

Hip: 90cm


Measurement (Dark Grey):

Bust: 74cm

Waist: 78cm

Bottom: 140cm

Length: 95cm

Neck: 9cm

Hip: 94cm

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